Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wait and See

If I don't blog I guess that means that I'm not really wound up about anything. But it just so happens that my dog is barking and it is making me crazy. The reason it is so annoying is because he has on a bark collar. I just put a new battery in a few days ago so I am a bit upset. This is all that I can figure out; he managed to get the last bark collar off and chewed it into small bits. When I went to buy another one, they didn't have the same brand and so I had to buy a cheaper one. Bottom line: he has it on and he is barking. You get what you pay for. You didn't check out my blog to hear about my dog barking issues now did you?

Let's think. What else is there? The election. I just can't let myself get all worked up any more over that. I do not plan on voting early because I like to feel like I am in the middle of the chaos. Plus I want to get Hudson early from school on Tuesday and let him go with me for this history making event.

I'm still trying to find another rental house to buy. I just haven't found the deal that I am looking for. One that I finally got to see went under contract and so I missed it. I did buy Halloween candy today and I have devoured so many Baby Ruth bars. Luckily like Maxine says, they were the "bite me" size.

Can you tell I've read and am trying to practice the first lesson in the "Love Dare". It was patience. I'm just going to let this one settle in for a while before I move to the next dare. Honestly, homework has gone much more smoothly since I am more patient. Our social studies project went amazingly well tonight. Good thing, since it is due tomorrow.

Working on my patience,

Michelle Perkins

Sunday, October 26, 2008

More or Less

I guess I have not been inspired to write lately, but since you asked for it (Hannah), here goes. I got the magazine "More" on Saturday. Yes its target audience is women over 40. I still have a hard time grasping the fact the issues they are talking about are aimed at me. Simply the fact that my name and address are on the little block on the cover is quite disturbing. Every ad is not for hip new clothing but for hip replacement (just kidding). The ads are for anti-wrinkle cream, products to make your hair thicker, wine and expensive jewelry. I'm good with the wine and expensive jewelry, but the others I could do without. Then, I got to the page where they interviewed Brooke Smith who is an actress on Grey's Anatomy. Now I have something to say.

If you don't watch the show, her character (Dr. Hahn) is getting involved in a lesbian relationship. It almost made me change the channel. Make all the references to a possible lesbian relationship but save me from the details. I'm quite sure the fan base of the show isn't watching in hopes that they get to see those poor choices of quality air time!! I don't want to see them kiss nor tell the other to take her clothes off. The real fans are watching to see the Dr. McDreamies. If the lady lovers take up too much more of the hour, I'm out. I have been on the same team forever. If my team isn't playing, I'm not watching.

Now I have to get back to reading about the average number of hot flashes I can expect to have in a day when the time comes.

Cool as a cucumber for now,

Michelle K. Perkins

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You Don't Even Know My Dad

I stayed quite busy at work today. I'm really proud of myself, being able to stay on task for such an extended period of time. Our boss gave us all the book "The Love Dare". He's such a great guy. Since I saw the movie "Fire Proof" this weekend I was excited to get the book that was mentioned; that was until I read the back and it says it is a 40 day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Not quite sure I see the point in my reading it. I know, for future reference; not feeling it. Yeah, I know, you can use the philosophies in all of your relationships. I just now glanced at the first page and for the first day I am to practice patience. Now it is 7:30pm and a little late for that. I blew that one in the first hour of my day. The only way I can make that one work is if I can count 11:30pm to 6:30am as a day. I'll just have to start reading the night before what I'll work on for the next day, since I'm not a morning person. Then after I read it I'll have to put a sticky note on my alarm clock to remind me or I won't think about it again til at least lunch. I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow. I know which way I would bet.

Oh, I got my letter informing me that I passed that exam. I guess I am as smart as I thought I was. So glad I didn't waste anytime studying. Oh, oh, oh .... my doctor called and my cholesterol was 157. Really.

Here's my one beef for today. I think it is obvious if a person is closer to 12 or if she is closer to 40. If there is a problem with a 12 year old, yes you would most likely tell her parents. If she looks closer to 40, you would tell her, right?

Tell me, not my dad,

Michelle Perkins

Monday, October 20, 2008

Full To The Brim

The weekend is over and it is time to get back into the swing of things. I am just excited that I don't have to attend a class this week or anything else that would take a big chunk out of my week.

Sunday was the day of the feast. I went to homecoming at the Black Jack Original Free Will Baptist Church. All I have to say is there were no vegetables that came out of a can. Yes, there were three different desserts on my dessert plate. There is a reason homecoming at a church only happens once a year. I got to see so many people that I haven't seen in a very long time. It was a refreshing day. I told myself the reason the older folks were saying "Michelle, is that you?", was because I looked so young they just couldn't believe it. Not the other way around.

I know Brett needs me today, wish I was in New York. The Jets suffered a loss in OT to the Raiders of all teams. Just know that I'm thinking about you Brett.

I really don't have anything to rant about today. A big belated Happy Birthday to my friend Donna in Ashville. Her birthday was yesterday. I didn't talk to her on her birthday but it wasn't because I didn't try. After I find out the birthday details I'll let you know.

A great week to all,

Michelle Perkins

Saturday, October 18, 2008

There Is A Talbots Bag in My Closet Today

Okay, I get it, you guys worry about me when I do not blog for a few days. My class is over and I have taken the exam. Thursday night I decided that I was smart enough and did not need to study for the exam. I will find out by mail in a day or two how that philosophy worked for me. There were only two questions that I thought I may have gotten wrong and I could miss up to eight. I 'll just have to wait and see. Of course I will not be telling you if I have to go take the test over again. It will be my little secret.

The Tar Heels lost today in overtime. It was a heart breaker.

Now the weather. It feels like it may snow. I do not fair too well in cold weather and I think the cold season is starting to set in. Of course we could have some more summer-like days but I think we will be seeing fewer of those.

I went to the movies and out to lunch with my friend Hannah today. Then she had the nerve to drag me kicking and screaming into Talbots. You know I had to buy something. It was an additional 25% off. Plus if you used your Talbot's charge you got double points. Think of all the money I saved today.

We went to see the movie "Fire Proof". I have heard several people talk about it and it was good. Of course it was a lower budget movie but the message was pretty powerful. I am also almost done reading the book "The Shack" that Hannah loaned me. So in addition to adding to my professional knowledge this week, I have also added to my spiritual knowledge. I hope that spiritual effort will help that educational (exam) out just a bit.

Homecoming is at the Black Jack Church tomorrow. I will be dreaming about table after table of great food tonight.

Giving my brain a break for a few days,

Michelle Perkins

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Backwards Alphabet

I will finish up my class on Friday and hopefully then can get back on track with my blogging. I am currently watching the Presidential debate. At best, it is very frustrating to watch. With the election coming up, I am hoping for the best but preparing myself for the worst. I am really afraid of where our country is heading. It looks like a small majority of Americans will be working to support a larger part of our citizens, as if we weren't already supporting enough.

What else is going on with me? I have started reading the book "The Shack". I am enjoying it but I'll have to admit, that I am getting a bit confused. Maybe I wasn't giving the last part that I just read my undivided attention. I'll go at it again a bit later.

Yep, the stock market was down again today. That gave me a stomach ache and that's all I can even muster to say about that.

I am going to have to turn the debate off now because I just can not look at Obama any longa. That was a pretty good rhyme if I don't say so myself. The sad thing is the majority of the people who will vote for Obama aren't even watching the debate. His main platform could be we will start learning the alphabet backwards and his voters would not even be aware. His position on policies has nothing to do with why he is receiving votes.

That's all I have to say for today.


Michelle Perkins

Monday, October 13, 2008

I Want Danette's Palin Picture

It's Monday and "Intervention" must have been cancelled. Oh where oh where did it go? So now it is just football and no channel flipping.

We had a busy weekend. We stayed on the go the entire time. Sunday we went to a pig picking for my friend Danette. It was her 40th birthday (actually on Tuesday). Happy Birthday Danette. She got the best present ever. She and her family went to see Palin last Tuesday night. Her mom got Palin's autograph and she had the autograph, the ticket and a great picture of Palin all framed together. It was great. I wish I had one. Did I mention the food was fabulous and I ate two different kinds of cake?

I had another seminar today, only three hours. It was very beneficial and now I am ready to sell some real estate. Everyone is nervous about the stock market. Real estate has not ever lost 18% value in a few days. Think about it. It is a buyer's market. If you even wanted to buy some rental property now is the time. I missed a foreclosure today. I knew it was a deal and didn't jump fast enough. I'll just have to keep my eyes open.

Give me a call if you don't want to lose 18% of your investment in a matter of days,

Michelle Perkins

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wait Until After the Exam

Now you really didn't think that two blogs a day pace would continue now did you?

I have been in class for the past two days and so my day has been shortened quite a bit. It's probably not a good time to comment on the class because I have two more days and an exam to go. If I said anything negative about the class, it would be the only time my blog came up on the top of a search engine and my instructor would see it for sure. I'll get to the class after I have passed the exam.

I did get to catch a bit of "The Ex List" tonight. Not quite as good as I thought it would be. Not really realistic. Maybe it just reminds me that I don't have an ex list. Not to mention that all of her exes should be on the world's most beautiful men list.

I hear it is suppose to be 88 degrees one day next week. I can't wait. Maybe I can spend some time outside that day. Nothing like a summer-like day every now and then to get you through the fall and winter months. It hasn't even been cool yet and I am already missing a hot day at the beach.

Here's to more summer-like days,

Michelle Perkins

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Extra Session Required

For some reason it never occurs to me until after dark on Wednesday that the trash pick up is bright and early Thursday morning. You would think I could have a grip on this by now. I didn't think about it until I just sat down to type.

Today I was thinking about the 6 degrees of separation (maybe it's seven I can't remember). Then I pondered about different people to see it I could somehow tie us together. First was John McCain. Cindy McCain. Heinz fortune. Heinz product in my fridge. Me. There you go. As simple as that.

Next Obama. I'm stuck. I just can't make it happen for me. Maybe it's just that I don't want to make it happen. You may say, easy his wife's name is Michelle. It doesn't work for me. Did I mention the way he pronounces parts of Africa grates my nerves? That's all I will say about that.

I forget which talk show host it was, but years ago some lady claimed that she got a debilitating migraine when she heard the host's voice. Katie Couric's voice is starting to do that to me. The last time someone on TV bothered me so much was when I was either in high school or college and there was an ad for pain medicine and they had this really old lady holding an iron frying pan. She would take the medicine and then say, "I can pick this pan up." It made me crazy. Katie Couric - same affect.

I know, two blogs in one day. Since I confessed early on that this was like therapy for me, I guess today I needed an extra session.

Feeling much better now,

Michelle Perkins

Just Enjoy the Ride

Well Palin has been to Greenville and now she is gone. I think she brought with her a great deal of energy and renewed support for the Republican candidates. I was not at the event but I did watch the live feed on the Internet. I certainly was there is spirit. I can't wait to see the pictures Misty took while there.

Interest rates have been cut again this morning which will hopefully give the public a feeling of stability or at the least a feeling of ability. It is a difficult time. Uncertainty generates fear. We as Americans should not have to live in fear. I think of the economic situation many times during the day and I am one of those who was raised to save for a rainy day. Although I have saved and continue to save, it is still unsettling. I have done the math in my head for many different scenarios. If I just had day to day expenses and not make unnecessary purchases, and had no money coming in, how long could I last? I could last for quite a while. However, like many Americans I do not want to merely last. I want to live and enjoy some of the things that make living a lot more exciting; such as taking trips with my son. Then fear creeps in. I think if we go on that trip and spend that money, what will happen if a big unexpected expenditure creeps up? That is no way to live. This morning I decided to go ahead and get my son's passport. Also since my home is nine years old, I will purchase a home warranty. After all, the ten year mark is when things do start to happen to a house. I don't consider this a bad investment and hopefully will pay off in the long run.

Trying not to worry too much,

Michelle Perkins

Monday, October 6, 2008

Hannah's Epiphany

Today was a busy day. I even washed my car and cleaned it out. It's amazing I had so much energy considering we let the dog try sleeping in the house last night and he decided at 1am it was play time. I went from sound asleep to outside putting the dog in his kennel. I think it only took me about 30 seconds to get back to sleep which was a welcomed surprise.

Hannah's epiphany. My mental health professional friend ventured outside of her thinking comfort zone and came up with a really great idea today. You have to understand how many times she has heard her husband say in the last few months how poorly their stock investments are doing. I know because I have heard him myself a few times moan and groan so multiply that by about 100 and that is how many times I am sure she has heard it. Add to that, the fact that they also have some real estate in other places that have been slow to move. Hannah has moved to a new way of thinking. She has decided that rather than putting any more money in her retirement, she will concentrate on paying down her principle on her mortgage. Due to the length of time she has owned her home, this is a great idea. The majority of the interest was paid in the first years of ownership and now there is not as much interest to write off each year. I do believe she is on to something. Eventually, home prices will make a come back and at that time hers will be free of a lien.

Way to go Hannah. I am so proud of you. In any event, you should always pay a little extra toward your principle. As little as $50 a month can cut years off of a 30-year mortgage.

By they way, "Intervention" was a rerun tonight and so I don't have to flip back and forth from that and the football game.

Just pay $50 more each month,

Michelle Perkins

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

I sat down an hour or so ago to pay bills. It got a bit overwhelming and my adult on-set ADD kicked in and here I am on the computer. Growing up I would have never thought I was ADD because I stuck with anything I did until it was perfect. Maybe I've just starting losing patience more quickly than years ago which I am misdiagnosing as ADD. I can stick with a football game until the last second ticks off of the clock but I can't think of much else that can hold my attention.

Here's a hint when it starts to kick in and you happen to be talking to me. I inherited this particular trait from my former in-law's side of the family. I am not quite sure who started it, but I know I say it. Now people with whom I work and are around me quite a bit also say it. They blame me for this bad habit. My mom absolutely hates it when I do it. So what is this habit? Well, when you are telling me a story and I think you are giving way too many details and I am past ready for you to get to the meat of the story, I say "yeah, yeah, yeah". Which means, get on with the story. I've mentioned that I was a bullet point kinda girl. Sometimes it would be just fine with me if we could communicate in bullet points. Just give me the facts and try not to get off track. I'm aware that this form of communication seems rude but can you imagine how much time it would save? Say for instance in an office situation you need to ask someone how to do something. You can't just walk up to a person and say, "How do you make a copy?" You have to say, "Hi, how are you?" They say "Fine, how are you?" Then you say, "I hate to bother you, but could you show me how to....?" They say, "Certainly." Now this could go on forever until I finally am shown how to make a copy. By this time, I am hearing blah, blah, blah. This is a major character flaw, I understand. I will make it a mission to work on my patience this week. I wonder how long that will last.

Just get on with it, I certainly will not be offended.

Michelle Perkins

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not Sure What to Call This

Now that Carolina has a bit of a lead I can take a few minutes to blog. Either I have managed to dodge all of the crazy folks in Pitt County or they are just staying at home.

Friday at work our street was so busy. The Republican office is on the same street and people were lined up to get tickets to see Palin. I didn't have time to wait in line and therefore I did not get tickets. I wish the event were being held in the football stadium versus the basketball arena so more people could attend. Now I am left with reading the skewed version of her speech in the local newspaper. It will most likely not resemble anything that actually came out of her mouth.

I went to a great cook out this afternoon at my friend's house. They were having a get together for their office and lucky me got to go also. The food was great and I enjoyed seeing folks that I don't see often but about which I hear stories. It's always good to be able to put a face with a story.

I was talking to my friend Donna in Ashville who is in search of a better job. She said she had tweaked her resume' so much she didn't even know the person in her own resume'. Now that's funny. She even thought about adding that she was the marketing director for Walt Disney just to see if she could get a call from a potential employer. So if you are looking for a fabulous marketing employee in the Ashville area, just send me an email and I'll have Donna give you a call.

I've also found a way that makes it easier for me to get to sleep. Now this isn't in place of my sleep aid but in addition to. I have one of those gel mask that you can heat or freeze. Well I freeze my mask and wear it at night. It really relaxes me. I think what it actually does is make me think about how cold my face is and therefore I'm not thinking about stressful things. So a clothespin on your toe would probably have the same affect. The same type theory is used for those cereal commercials. They say if you eat a certain cereal for 30 days your cholesterol will go down. Hello, it's not the cereal that makes your cholesterol go down. It's the fact that you are not eating bacon or sausage and eggs every morning like you were.

Keep up the good playing Carolina,

Michelle Perkins

Thursday, October 2, 2008

What Happened to Yesterday?

Not quite sure what happened to me yesterday. All of a sudden it was today and realized that I had not blogged. It definitely wasn't because I didn't have anything to say.

Tonight is the vice presidential debate. You would think I was a participant because I am getting more and more nervous as 9pm approaches. I just hope the voting public wakes up. All of the problems we are facing economically were not created yesterday. If you don't believe me just go to the attached and see.

What else does one have to say? Let me go watch the debate. I'm sure that I will have a lot to say on Friday.

Michelle Perkins