Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Time Flies

Wow, has it really been that long since I have blogged? I didn't check the date but I know it has been a while. I have thought about it but didn't really have anything to say.

It is time to give thanks. We are truly blessed to live in a free country and have family on which we can depend and friends who keep us going. I am thankful for all of this and more.

I didn't take the opportunity to brag on Brett and his amazing win against the only undefeated team in the NFL. Way to go Brett. Green Bay didn't fair so well and they extended Aaron's contract. Go try to figure that one out.

Carolina basketball is going to be coming on in a bit and it will be a tough game. I can't believe it is coming on so late. Believe me I will be up until the last second ticks off of the clock. Maybe I'll have something to say after the game.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Michelle Perkins

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Call a Fireman

I couldn't decide if I was going to share my epiphany or not but decided obviously that I would. It's just sort of hard to come up with a starting point because you need some background information. So here you go. First of all I worked at Procter & Gamble for I think eight years which required me to don the "business attire" each and every morning. I stopped working at P&G to become a stay-at-home mom for the next eight or so years. Once you get accustomed to not "dressing up" every day you start to wonder how you ever did it. Now I am very lucky in that I only do the business dress when I have appointments. Even then at times it is casual depending upon how well I know the clients.

One day this week I did the dress up. I've determined that it's not the clothes that are uncomfortable, it is the shoes that pose the problem. So I'm at my house before going to work, running around with these uncomfortable shoes. We are getting to the epiphany I promise. Then I think, the shoes are not really that uncomfortable if you walk around like a lady. My dilemma is that I walk around like I am going to a fire. If I slowed down just a tad the outfit with the shoes work beautifully. Here's the epiphany. I'm talking to myself and answering at this point. Let's just say there is a fire. Where ever it is I am trying to get to so fast is on fire. It is burning to the ground. Hello, I am not a fireman so why do I have to be the first on the scene? So there it is. I'm slowing down. I slowed down so much today I took a nap.

Now I just need to find my happy medium and some semi-comfortable shoes.

Slow down a bit and take it all in,

Michelle Perkins

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Perfect Day

I know many of you think you may have some idea of what you think would be my perfect day. Some are thinking I am at the beach, watching Brett play football, watching Kirk commentate football, shopping, sleeping late, Hudson doing his homework without my asking, watching Carolina basketball or reading a book. I'll admit, these are some of my favorite things, besides being the mom to the greatest kid on Earth (and Venus - we just finished our project on Venus tonight so I had to throw that in).

You'll first need some background for all of this to make sense. Last week, we had our monthly Ninja coaching session. This is courtesy of our boss at Aldridge & Southerland (I threw the company name in so one of my colleagues - Jim Weese - would have to read my blog). We had been through a few soul searching activities when we were asked to close our eyes and picture our perfect day.

I was taken aback when most of what I could see was unfocused. That's the best way I can describe it. There were only a few things that were quite clear. It was like I was watching a slide show because I wasn't in one place. All I could see were faces and they were all smiling. We were asked about what kind of car we drove and where we lived. I couldn't see a car. All I know is that it was dependable. I couldn't see a house. I just know that it was warm and everyone who came in the door I was happy to see. I must admit, there have been times in my life that there was a certain car I had to drive. There were other material things that seemed important too. Those things really don't matter anymore. All I know is my perfect day is one where all of the people that I care about are happy, healthy and know that they are loved. My perfect day was not a picture that you see on a canvas but it was a warm feeling deep inside.

Sure, I'm game for a sale at Ann Taylor Loft and I doubt I'll ever pass up an opportunity to go to the beach. Maybe I am getting older. Nah, I think I am getting wiser. I hope that doesn't mean senility is next.

May all of your days be perfect,

Michelle Perkins

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mellow Madness

Some one has stolen me and replaced me with my relaxed twin. I'm not sure when that happened, but I wish it would have happened about 10 years ago. No kidding. I'm not knotting my forehead as much from stress. This is quite ironic since according to the media we are getting ready to have the biggest recession, depression or whatever in forever.

I can't even comment on Grey's. It isn't because I thought it was ridiculous, it is because I missed it. I'm so relaxed I totally forgot about it Thursday night.

Misty and I made the decision on Thursday not to go to the NCSU game on Saturday because it was to rain all day. I don't think it was a total rain out but it was a good game. We missed it. Oh well, I think that means we have to go to the Thanksgiving Saturday game no matter what.

Brett and the Jets rolled the Patriots Thursday night. There is just something about that man. I do have a new TV crush. It's Kirk Herbstreet. For those of you who don't watch football, he is an announcer. I thought he was cute three years ago. You'll be looking for him now. Just make sure you are sitting down.

Now for the big news. My first listing with Aldridge & Southerland is under contract. What a busy weekend it has been. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I can guarantee you that I am now working for the greatest real estate company in Greenville. Everyone there is unbelievably nice and supportive. I want to succeed for them as much as I do for myself.

Next blog I'll tell you about my perfect day. You'll be surprised!!

Contract Pending,

Michelle Perkins

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Charge, Charge, Charge

I confess, I watched the news tonight. I still haven't watched Oprah and don't see that happening. I happened to see a clip where they were going to do a story on real estate bail outs and credit card debt. Let's say that I can let go of the fact that people signed up for debt that they couldn't repay. The plan now seems to assist those folks. Especially those whose homes are worth less than what they owe. What about me? Who is going to help me? The stocks I bought are now worth significantly less than when I bought them. Silly girl. I know you were trying to save money to send your son to college since he is your responsibility. I know you were saving money for your golden years so you wouldn't have to work until you are 110. Too bad, so sad; you are working until at least 105. Is someone going to help replace the money I lost. That would be a big fat no!! I know you resisted the temptation to go on great trips with your son and buy a high end car and instead put that money in a plan for the future. You may as well have bought that car!! At least I would have had something to show for the money.

Next, the government wants to help those down and out with credit card debt. I am sure there are some who bought groceries and paid for necessities on their credit cards. But let's face it, there will be a lot more people who will get that credit card debt assistance who have more electronics, high end clothes and just stuff that I don't have. I don't quite understand what the punishment is for not knowing how to live on a budget. Apparently it is oops, you messed up, we'll forgive a lot of that debt. Run along and try to get it right this time. I just wonder how many times those idiots will get to go through the help line before they are cut off. Oh I think I know the answer to that. It will be when the rest of us who watch our financial status and try to stay on track go broke.

I think I'll charge up the world, not,

Michelle Perkins

Monday, November 10, 2008

Score: One to Zero

I requested prayer today for myself. I asked someone to pray for me to have some patience. You know I think it worked. Actually what I think happened is God taught me to stop talking when I should. However you can continue an internal dialog in your head. You actually feel much better and you don't offend the person to whom you are talking. It's a beautiful plan. I wanted to end several sentences today with dumb ass. I stopped moving my lips before it popped out and said it in my head, which produced the most sincerest smile on my face. Maybe it was more like a smile of satisfaction. Whichever it was, it was a genuine smile which was needed to make my point.

As I am typing, I am listening to the least joyous of noises. I have a somewhere on my street neighbor who is the oh so proud owner of a motorcycle. He apparently works nights somewhere because it is around this time every single night (I don't think he has had a day off in four years) that I get to hear his motorcycle. Maybe he thinks no one can hear it if he only starts it and takes off. No, no, no. It takes a least five minutes of revving nightly. He has now pulled away and I have tomorrow night to look forward to.

Next, I opened a statement from an investment account that arrived today. I kept telling myself, do not open it, do not open it. Silly girl knows she had to open it. I immediately felt physically ill. Not to worry right. I didn't need that money anyway. The president elect is going to send my child to college, right?

Lastly and the big one. I thought I may have seen something that would lead one to believe there is a mouse in the house. Not thinking that there could possibly be, I set a trap to prove myself wrong so I could feel all better. With all of the lights on everywhere in the house, I hear "THWACK". I think no way. I thought you only hear that noise after you have gone to bed and the lights are off and any creature would feel safe to venture out. I am now the owner of a very bold dead mouse. I am also short a set of tongs. I could not bring myself to get to close to the trap, so I grabbed a pair of tongs from the kitchen drawer. Trap, mouse and tongs are all in the outside trash, thank you very much. I only have one mouse trap left and one set of tongs. If these end up getting tossed, I'll be off to buy more. Somebody help me here. Will mice just keep coming? Shouldn't there be some kind of mouse limit? Don't these critters realize they lose several friends to certain houses. I think the empty house next door is drawing in unwanted critters. Maybe the mice are getting the directions confused and ending up at my house. This is a problem for one who is OCD when it come to cleanliness. For now, one point for the home team; zero for the visitors.

I'll let you know if there's another THWACK, hopefully not,

Michelle Perkins

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let's Go Furniture Shopping

Today I was sitting on the couch in my den and decided it was quite uncomfortable. It has after all sustained an 11 year old boy and a black lab for two years. Couches just don't last as long as they once did. Just because the couch could use replacing is not the reason for getting a new one though. I rarely sit on the couch but that is getting ready to change. A local furniture store was having a big sale last week and I tortured my son by making him go in there with me. We didn't buy anything because we didn't know at the time for sure who would win the election. The results are in and now we know who will be taking office. Therefore I will definitely have to buy a new couch, area rug and a nice tv.

After all once the president elect takes office and I get that big tax cut, a few stimulus checks and some free health care, I will be spending a lot more time on my lily white. I won't have to work so hard anymore. I can't be spending all day on an uncomfortable couch and watching a run of the mill tv. No, no. I think I'll even get a real comfortable bed too while I'm at it, cause there will be quite a few naps in my future. Oh my gosh, then spring will be right around the corner. I'll definitely need some new patio furniture and a hammock of course. Maybe no one else will catch on because if we all decide to sit at home there will be no one working to help pay my stimulus checks. Maybe I should just keep this epiphany to myself.

Come on over in January, we'll sit on my new couch and drink coffee,

Michelle Perkins

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

No Media Shows on My TV

As you can only imagine, I am quite wound up at this very moment. Oprah will no longer be seen on my television set. She was the first to grate my nerves in terms of the election. I hope O magazine goes belly up. I know she has plenty of money but I don't care to see her any more.

I guess I am going to have to cut myself off from the news as well. Now I am having to hear about Obama's grandmother dying. Give me a break!! He has hardly acknowledged that part of his family and now he is looking for some sympathy. The picture that they keep showing of him with his grandmother looks like it was taken in 1975. You got anything taken later than that? I guess not or you would be showing it.

I did have some good food today. I socialized a bit at the polling site at the Black Jack church where my mom and her friends work. It was like a homecoming buffet. I had the best chocolate cake, brownies, etc. Then I got Hudson from school and took him with me to vote. He too is a bit wound up about the results.

My reasons for blogging are quite selfish I must admit. I needed to vent and this seemed like the safest way. I will admit I did try to send an email to CNN earlier because their reporter was giving Joe the Plumber such a hard time. If I had been that reporter's boss I would have snatched him right off of the air. I was actually embarrassed for him.

I hope the media looks like idiots again. I just can't understand how they call a state with only 2% reporting. Let me get off of here. Maybe I should stay out of the public tomorrow.

Trying to stay calm,

Michelle Perkins

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Being Patient = Headache

Apparently I have taken the being patient thing a bit too far. Today all of that pent up not saying what I really wanted to say showed itself in a massive headache. It's time to put all of the cards on the table.

I will start with the positives though. Brett looked good today and I think he had a good day since the Jets won. Ha. Hope you got that one. TO and the Cowboys chalked up another one in the loss column as did the Packers. We won't focus on the losses of others now, that is not nice.

I was oh so blessed with a talkative child. Today the Halloween sugar must have kicked in full force. It is either that or the "must make a comment about any and everything" stage has begun. Just tell me that it doesn't last long. My patience was drained to 0 by noon. I have been running on empty ever since.

Then the big test. I go to Starbucks which is usually a happy place for me. Not today. The girl at the window had on an Obama/Biden button. If I wasn't addicted, I would have told her to keep the coffee. I bit my lip and coached myself out of the parking lot. What I wanted to do was go inside and speak to the manager and let him know that his folks are serving all of the public and while working should not be wearing political stuff. I thought it best that I just come home. I would have regretted it if I had ended up on the local six o'clock news.

There was something else but I have forgotten for now. I'm quite sure I will have a lot to tell you on Monday. It is after all report card day and I have a funny feeling that this household will be making some changes.

Feeling much better now,

Michelle Perkins