Monday, March 9, 2009

The Power of Tan Lines

I always knew that tan lines somehow made me feel better but I never realized how powerful they really were until last week. For some reason this winter has seemed colder than any other that I can remember. It has actually snowed two or three times. Since once is one too many times for me, I lost count after the first. Lucky for me, one of my best friends is a therapist and can put a name to everything that stirs my strongest emotions. Sometimes I think it's just to make me think that it is ok when I refuse to leave the house if it is under 40 degrees outside. This particular character trait of mine is seasonal depression. Am I really depressed? No, not by any stretch. I just prefer to stay warm, even if it has to be inside for the winter months.

The fact that I went to a tanning bed for the first time in two years is proof that it has been an extremely cold winter. At some point I heard that cold winters will eliminate a great deal of the annoying bugs the following summer. So here is the good news. This summer, I will be able to sit on my deck bug free.

Here's to a bugless summer,

Michelle K. Perkins