Monday, February 23, 2009

My Couch and I Are One

The only reason that I am blogging today is because I can't do much else. How many times have I thought that someone with an aching back is a wimp? Well just color me wimp.

How different the view is from the floor looking up. I never thought I would get that view, especially of the UPS store in Greenville. I had packed the infra-red heater back into its original box and managed to get it into my car. Yeah, mom had said wait for your dad and I to help you with that because it is heavy and awkward. I can do this, plus I am tired of it sitting in the floor. I want it out today. So the heater and I take off for the UPS store.

I wrestled the box out of my car, carried it at least 40 yards. I got in the store and dropped it on the floor. It was already broken so I'm sure dropping it wouldn't do any more damage. Then I drag it to the counter. I have started to feel the affects of this box in my back but this relationship is almost over cause I'm shipping you away.

Now it's my turn. The lady asked me to put the box on the scale, which is on the counter. I looked at the box for a split second and wondered if I had one more lift left in me. The answer was a resounding no. As I grab the box and try to stand, there is this unbelievable pain in my back and I can't move. I immediately go to my knees and then flat on my back. That is exactly when I got the "from the ground view" of the customers and employees. They look as shocked as I am. More than one person wanted to call an ambulance. I think they thought I had a heart attack. They asked if I knew who I was and where I was. Unfortunately I did. I was laying in the middle of the floor of the UPS store. Apparently my laying there wasn't good for business. I couldn't understand why I just couldn't lay there for a few more minutes. Can't those folks see I need to relax a minute? I let them convince me I was ready to get up but I couldn't. So two men pop me up from the floor to standing. I'm standing but can barely walk. They help me to my car and I managed to drive home.

My last obstacle was getting out of the car. That hurt bad. I crawl up the steps and make it to my couch and immediately call my mom. She quickly filled up a zip-lock bag with every pain pill made and brought them to me. I love that bag. So here I sit in the same place since Friday. I have managed to eat, bathe and just shuffle through the house. I hear I should be good as new within a week.

I'll be back,

Michelle K. Perkins

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Donuts at 1 am

For those of you who don't know, I have this love affair with sleep. It is the greatest thing in the world. During the winter, I am not quite sure what I would do if there were no such thing. The thought of going outside when it is cold can instantaneously make me feel like a need a nap. I do not have this problem in the summer. Actually in the summer I can survive off of little to no sleep.

Not once have I chosen eating over sleeping, until last night. I was having the most vivid dream. I was at the beach and for some reason, I had run, jogged, surfed without sitting down to even catch my breath. This is odd too since I just sit in a chair all day at the beach unless I decide to try catching a wave. There are times that I am just hot and go take a dip, but otherwise, I'm in the chair. I wake up from this physically intense dream at 1:08am and I am starving. There were snow flurries at that point because I checked to see on my way to the pantry. What did I find but some Sweet 16 powdered donuts that I brought back to bed with me and proceeded to eat four of them. This can not be normal. Those were the best donuts I have ever eaten in my life. What an odd sight to wake up to hit the snooze button and have a bag of donuts staring at you.

If this happens again (or maybe a few more times) I will going to the sleep clinic cause I don't want to wake up looking like the Pillsbury dough boy one day.

Sleep sweet,

Michelle K. Perkins