Thursday, April 9, 2009

Too Much Information

I'll admit it. I like FaceBook as much as any of my FB friends. For some reason, this week FB has been most annoying. Yea, it could be just me because my patience level does run a little low at times. Here's my beef. I sign on and just want a hint of what my friends are doing. Sometimes just for a laugh and other times because I'm just curious. So this week I sign on and all I know is that people are sending Easter eggs by the hundreds. It takes up my entire update page. I love Easter but all of that gift giving needs to show up on a separate tab called "for those who are into warm and fuzzy". I wish I could be like that. Maybe it's because I'm a single mom and it just clicked that I need to somehow find time to make sure the Easter Bunny comes to our house. The Easter egg hunts are cute but I would like to choose if I see them or not. The funny thing is that there is probably a way to block that. I'll check when I sign back on.

Not to offend the picture takers either but my goodness. Do you just walk around with your phone held out in front of your face all day? Maybe that is why so many accidents occur when folks are simply walking.

I love to see all of my friends' children's milestone occasions too. However, I do not need to see what they have done every single day at three minute increments. Maybe tomorrow I'll plant a seed and take a picture of it every five minutes and post it every five minutes. Maybe when you sign on and all you see is 20 pictures of my cup of dirt you'll get the "picture".

You're in luck, I have no seeds and no potting soil,

Michelle K. Perkins