Monday, September 14, 2009

FaceBook for Dummies

For all of you who easily gets their feelings hurt, don't take the title too seriously. I'll admit, I was a FB Dummy but that is why I am blogging tonight. It's difficult to make good decisions when only having half of the story. So my friends, here is the rest of the story.

I'm laughing as I type because I have a gut feeling that I will soon be "unfriended" by some but not by the ones who matter the most.

Dummies is actually referring to significant others or want to be significant others. It doesn't matter what one's relationship status is. FB is a playing field for those who think they are among the slickest. You think your man or woman hasn't commented or poked in days. This often is not the case. Slick folks change their account settings quicker than the maids at the Holiday Inn can change a set of sheets. Maybe that was a bad analogy because I didn't mean for there to be any implications. Just saying, the account has been altered to not show post. Oh now it's time for a legitimate post that my baby can see. That ring or nice bracelet is a constant reminder, "check my account settings". I know, you thought that piece of jewelry meant love - no - account settings.

What about those disappearing posts that made you feel all special. Hello, let's not let anyone know we are seeing each other means - now listen - I don't want all of you to find out about each other. Another clue - go to chat - that way you'll feel like you have gotten some attention but no one else will know.

Now when your baby confesses his or her love all over your wall and vice versa. You are safe!!

Go tell your baby how much you love them for both of your friends to see,

Michelle Perkins

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