Saturday, June 27, 2009

Top of the Tree Apple Kinda Girl

When I first started blogging it was because I had tons to say that I hadn't taken the time to say and it felt so good to get these things off of my chest. Then I started blogging less and less. Blogging was how I let off steam when something happened. That is what led to tonight's blog.

Someone recently posted something on Facebook about how women are like apples. It is easy for men to pick up the apples that are on the ground. It takes a special man that is willing to climb to the top of the tree to get the best apple. The apples at the top of the tree are redder and sweeter. You have to work a little harder to get these apples but they are so worth the effort. I like to think of myself as a top of the tree kinda apple.

Throughout life we often settle for many different reasons. We find ourselves rationalizing what we know from the beginning is a bad decision. Our brain starts firing synapses that only you can hear. The popping in our own heads gets louder and louder as we start making excuses for things that we don't even believe ourselves. Every time we rationalize to yet another person the ringing in one's ears gets louder and louder. Call it the cinder block moment, if you will, because that is what it takes for me. I just know had a cinder block moment. It is what I have known all along and wasn't willing to admit.

Then the smoke clears and everything is crystal clear. I am worth climbing to the top of the tree. It is not that hard for someone to hoist themselves up one branch at a time. Many times we base our self worth on the opinion of others. No more.

Start climbing,

Michelle K. Perkins

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